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"M.A. Bakker's jazz-rock debut boasts the expert musicianship of a by-gone era, and a vivid lyrical imagery that gives it a fiction novel feel."


- somethingelsereviews.com


"If Frank Zappa ever would've had the idea to make ​​a jazzy Funk & Soul record, it would probably sound quite similar to 'Rejected Scripts'!"


- musikreviews.de


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This Amazing Hat


It’s a Dirty Job


All We Need (Is a Little Bit of Luck)


Fright Night


Ming Zhao Paradise


Jet Set Dream


Goodnight Suzanna


House of Leaves


The Sirens of Titan





Rejected Scripts is an album filled with imaginative tales:


Every song is a compact story, with subject matters ranging from gleefully crafted nightmarish scenarios to playful commentaries on contemporary literature (and sometimes both!).


The music is built upon funky rhythms, unexpected melodies, rich harmonies and playful arrangements. A sophisticated mixture of pop, jazz, blues and funk influences.


M.A. Bakker

M.A. Bakker is a Music Auteur based in the Netherlands. A fan of dark and humorous literature, cinema & music, he feels inspired and compelled to add his own stories to the genre.


Bakker wrote all music & lyrics for Rejected Scripts. His credits also include producing & arranging, the performance of the keyboard, guitar & bass parts, mixing & editing, artwork, and catering.


Other interests include: The animal kingdom, spicy food & the European beer catalogue.


Warren Byrd

Warren Byrd, native of Hartford, Ct. and resident of Amsterdam, NL is a vocalist/pianist/composer whose music could be called indescribable, except for the fact that: 'He sounds like a lot of jazz musicians we've all dug'...


Well, surely some cliches describe him well enough: 'Drawing on his roots to build new sounds', 'Original in ways that relate in ways to how everyone relates', 'Moving "outward" toward the "Core"', etc. etc. etc.


The truth of the matter is in the pudding: As an American with a heritage rooted in the fertile soil of Black creativity, he explores the universal ideals that connect us all seeking unity in music...he just so happens to really dig Jazz as his main musical springboard.


Album Credits

Maarten Bakker - all music & lyrics, arrangements, bass guitar, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals (track 2 & 8), mixing & editing, recording engineer, artwork, catering

Warren Byrd - lead vocals

Peter Weissink - drums

Natasja den Toom - backing vocals (track 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10)

Simon Feenstra - backing vocals (track 1, 3, 4, 5 & 6)

Anna Zeijlemaker - flute (track 5 & 9), piccolo (track 5)

Hans van Wingerden - trumpet (track 1, 6, 7, 8)

David Wilschut - tenor saxophone (track 1, 6, 7, 8)

Jos van den Heuvel - trombone (track 1, 6, 7, 8)

Jordi Langelaan (Barn In The Meadow Studios) - mastering, recording engineer drums & horns

Rob Verbakel - photography

Special thanks to: Anna (for her endless patience), Janny & Paul (for continued support), Lonny Ziblat, Daniel Ernst & Jordi Langelaan (for invaluable feedback), Saskia Laroo (for making her gardenhouse available), Toon Verbakel (for providing the office), Albert Jan Zeijlemaker (for vintage props)


Send your e-mail to: info(at)mabakker.com